Your Voice Counts: DHCS Input Needed

The Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) is seeking input on a plan – the plan is to have Medi-Cal Managed Care take on the responsibility of serving children who are now served by California Children’s Services. (Download the plan)
There are many groups around the state that have concerns and would like DHCS to PLEASE Extend the CCS Carve Out until there is data to show that CA Medi-Cal Managed Care Plans are ready and that DHCS is ready to monitor them. Children with special health care needs must continue to have protections and access to specialty care so they come to no harm.
What we understand from available data:

DHCS has not evaluated pilots, DHCS is not prepared to monitor and CA Medi-Cal Managed Care Plans are NOT ready to provide access that our children may need:

  • DHCS has not evaluated Managed Care CCS pilots and reported to the Legislature.  (One pilot has launched and a second is expected to launch this year.)  Without an evaluation, there is no way to know the impact of pilots on access to care, family and provider satisfaction, and cost effectiveness.
  • DHCS is not prepared to monitor Medi-Cal Managed Care.  In a recent audit entitled:  California Department of Health Care Services: Improved Monitoring of Medi-Cal Managed Care Health Plans is Necessary to Better Ensure Access to Care. The State’s auditor found, among other things:
    •  The Department of Health Care Services did not ensure that health plans had adequate provider networks to serve beneficiaries
    • Thousands of calls from Medi-Cal  beneficiaries to the Department’s Ombudsman have gone unanswered
On the other hand, a 2014 survey by the UCSF Family Health Outcomes Project as part of the Title V Needs Assessment, shows that families had a very high rate of satisfaction with CCS programs and services – 86% of families expressed satisfaction with the program and its services. (Download the Title V Needs Assessment, Page 21, 2nd paragraph.)
If you care about the services CCS provides your child, here are 4 things you can do to have your voice heard:
  • Send Comments to the DHCS – COMMENTS DUE Friday, July 3rd - Please send a copy to
  • Please feel free to use language from above.  You can submit your comments by email to the Department at this
  • Copy your comments to your legislator. You can find your legislator here: . Also please copy the Chairs of the Senate and Assembly Health Committees at and
  • Attend the July 8th AB187 Senate Health Committee hearing at 1:30 regarding Extending CCS carve out for one more year. (The hearing will be at the State Capitol in Room 4203.)
  •  Send us your Family Stories NOW and let us know if you plan to come to the July 8th AB187 hearing. Please send to
    •  If you have had experienced a problem or have been denied services we would be interested in hearing your story.
    •  If you have experience where CCS has worked well: How has CCS assisted your family to access medical care/specialty care centers services that your child would not have had access to without CCS?
If you have ANY questions let us know

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Webinar Recording: Resilience, Coffee, and Community: How Parents Advocate for Children with Special Needs

Wednesday June 17th, 2015
In this interactive lecture and discussion, Sarah Taylor, MSW, PhD, shared insights from her personal journey in advocating for her 8-year-old super-kid with fragile x syndrome, as well as the experiences of over 300 parents who participated in a study about how they advocate for their own children and others at personal, organizational, community, and policy levels.
Guest presenter: Sarah Taylor, MSW, PhD is an Assistant Professor of Social Work at CSU East Bay. She has presented at numerous national, state, and local conferences and has published in a variety of academic journals.

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Principles of Health Care Delivery for Children with Special Health Care Needs

Children’s Regional Integrated Service Systems (CRISS)
"The Children’s Regional Integrated Service System (CRISS) supports the concept of redesign of the CCS program. As currently configured, CCS has many critically important components that have driven excellent health outcomes for medically complex and fragile children, including low-income children and children without legal documentation, and have supported the regionalized pediatric system of care that serves all California children. These components must be preserved in any redesign proposal. At the same time, this almost 90-year-old program and its system of care for children and families will benefit from new attention and new approaches."


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