We encourage Project Leadership graduates and facilitators to participate in leadership opportunities at the local, statewide, and federal levels. These may include serving on boards, commissions, and committees; participating in media interviews; and testifying at legislative hearings; among others. Opportunity Updates are provided to Project Leadership graduates and facilitators on a regular basis, and staff is available to identify specific opportunities upon request. Staff is also available to assist with applications, preparation, and other needs. Elaine Linn at elinn@familyvoicesofca.org for information and assistance.

Various organizations provide regular email updates on opportunities and policy initiatives. You can also sign up for newsletters from your elected officials. Find yours at: https://www.usa.gov/elected-officials.

Below are links to view Opportunity Updates distributed via email to Project Leadership graduates and trainers. Additional opportunities are often posted on the Family Voices of California Facebook page.

Opportunity Update 9/3/19

Opportunity Update 5/2/19
Opportunity Update 4/11/19
Opportunity Update 3/20/19
Opportunity Update 2/4/19
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