Upcoming Webinars

Self Determination and Regional Center Individual Program Plans (IPPs)

February 19, 2020; 12pm – 1pm

Regional Center Clients will soon have the option to switch to “Self-Determination”. 

What is Self-Determination? Currently, R.C. client plans (IPPs) are written and fulfilled by case workers, using a narrow set of services, and approved vendors. However, under Self-Determination (SD) most of this is essentially done away with. Clients are given their own budgets to pay whomever they wish for whichever sets of supports they deem will fulfill their vision of what will make their life fulfilling by writing “Person Centered Plans”. 

Find out how choosing to opt-in to Self-Determination, now that it is being opened up to the public, may change you or your loved one’s life. 

Christopher Wecks is an SCDD trained Independent Facilitator in the SD program, and a special-education & social services advocate 

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