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Reminder: Does your child receive California Children’s Services (CCS) in a county scheduled for transfer to Medi-Cal managed care plans in 2018? Find out more and take our survey here.

Webinar: Medi-Cal Services For Children With Autism & The Family Focused Model Of Care

Family Voices of California will host a webinar on Aug. 23 detailing the available Medi-Cal services for children with autism, the process for getting these services and the proposed family focused model of care. Our webinar presenter is Dr. Clayton Chau, Regional Executive Medical Director at the Mental Health Network, St. Joseph Hoag Health/Providence Health System.

To register for the webinar, click here.

Reminder: Submit Your Project Leadership Training-of-Trainers RFA By September 1

Family Voices of California is extending an invitation to California organizations serving families of children with special needs to send one representative to a two-day Project Leadership Training-of-Trainers workshop in San Francisco (Oct. 2017) or Los Angeles (Nov. 2017).

Project Leadership is a parent advocacy training whose overall goal is to increase the number of family members of children with special health care needs who are prepared and supported to become advocates for health care policy and service improvements. Funding is provided by the Lucile Packard Foundation for Children’s Health.

Note: Participating organizations will receive a $500 stipend to offset travel cost.

To review the request for application, click here.

To watch the informational webinar, click here.


Create A Personalized Well-Visit Planner

The Well Visit Planner website allows parents to create custom guides for upcoming well-care appointments that are based on national recommendations. The guides are created by combining key issues and top priorities specific to each family and are intended for use with children 4 months to 6 years old. To begin the questionnaire and create your own well-visit planner, click here.

Pediatric Primary Care-Specialist Interface: A Call For Action

This new article from The Journal of Pediatrics presents key issues related to the primary care and subspecialty interface in the context of the family-centered medical home model. It reviews recent trends in health care delivery that create the imperative for better collaboration between primary and subspecialty medical care for children with complex special needs, as well as acute and chronic conditions. To read the article, click here.


Highlight A Promising Practice Or Innovative Model Related To Pediatric Medical Home Implementation

The National Center for Medical Home Implementation (NCMHI) is collecting promising practices and innovative models related to pediatric medical home implementation. All clinicians, practices, family organizations, community-based organizations, state agencies and other stakeholders are encouraged to apply. Applications will be reviewed by a panel and selected entries will be published on NCMHI’s website. For more information, click here.


August 16: Mental Health Parity: Ensuring Equal Access to Treatment For Children And Youth In California

Hosted by: Family Voices Of California

More information and registration here.

August 16: Success Stories: Implementing Behavioral Health In A Speciality Care Setting

Hosted by: SAMHSA-HRSA Center For Integrated Health Solutions

More information and registration here.

August 16: Introduction To NFSN’s Parent Advisory Committee Training And The Standards Of Quality For Family Strengthening And Support

Hosted by: National Family Support Network

More information and registration here.

August 17: Autism And Developmental Disability Housing In California: An Overview

Hosted by: SF Autism Society

More information and registration here.

August 21: Best Practices For Inclusion

Hosted by: Family Network On Disabilities

More information and registration here.

August 22: Toilet Training: Yes You Can!

Hosted by: Autism Research Institute

More information and registration here.

August 23: Medi-Cal Services For Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder And The Family Focused Model Of Care

Hosted by: Family Voices Of California

More information and registration here.

August 24: Care Coordination Approaches With Children And Youth With Special Health Care Needs And Their Families

Hosted by: Family Voices Of Minnesota

More information and registration here.

Archived Webinar: Advocacy And Wellness

Hosted by: Depression And Bipolar Support Alliance / Click here to watch


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