Great News On SB 586/CCS Redesign

Great News On SB 586 (Hernandez) – Legislation For California Children’s Services (CCS) Redesign/Whole Child Model

On August 11th, SB 586 passed out of the Appropriations Committee. This bill will ensure continued quality of care for children and youth with special health care needs who are in the CCS program. Senator Ed Hernandez and his staff, as well as the CCS Advocates Coalition, have worked tirelessly on ensuring there are protections in place for CCS children and their families, providers, and county CCS staff. SB 586¬†will go to the Assembly Floor for a vote soon. If it passes, it will go to the Senate Floor for “concurrence of Assembly amendments”. Assuming passage, the bill then goes on to Governor Brown for signing. The Coalition feels there is a great chance of the bill being signed into law by the Governor.

To read some of the bill’s key points regarding child protections, click¬†HERE.


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