State Rebuffed, Won’t Move Fragile Kids to Managed Care—For Now

FVCA families attended a key budget subcommittee meeting in Sacramento on March 15th which ruled, thanks to chairman Tony Thurmond, that the Department of Health Care Services’ push to move roughly one-fifth of the state’s medically vulnerable children to managed care come January 2017 would have to be “shelved and sent back to the drawing board.”

Thurmond stated that he didn’t want to change the existing CCS system given its longevity and the apparent satisfaction of the children’s families. “If this is one of the oldest programs around and it’s something we can hold up as a shining example of how to do things right, then let’s not mess with it,” Thurmond said.

For more information and a look a a few FVCA families who attended the subcommittee meeting, check out California Healthline’s article State Rebuffed, Won’t Move Fragile Kids to Managed Care—For Now.

Lauren and Sherri Brady: two of our FVCA advocates who attended the budget subcommittee meeting in Sacramento and were featured in the Healthline CA article.
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